V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 5)

I need to start this writeup with an apology for the delay. I got a bit carried away with the build and the writeups have fallen quite far behind! I hope to get them finish over the next few days!

Day 5 begun when my replacement XL square nuts arrived as they are required to clamp the belts on the back of the toolhead and I was unable to find any substitutes in my box of fixings! My kit reseller kindly sent them out first class so the wait wasn’t too long. Certainly took less time that me getting round to doing the writeup.

Routing the belts was actually much easier than I was expecting. Compared to doing the same work on the RatRig VCore3 it was actually a breeze. The printed parts have nice curves which guide the belts around the idlers etc. The one part which took me some time was clamping the belts and achieving a decent tension. In the end i clamped one side of the belts flush with the edge of the XL nut and then fed the other side through the front of the holes so they poke out forwards like the image below. I then found I could very loosly tension the left hand XL nut and pull the belts through nice and tight before clamping the XL nut down firmly to lock them into position.

Preperation of the heated bed was straight forward because LDO chaps have already fixed the heat pad and thermal fuse in place. At this point I realised I didn’t need the printed thumbscrews as LDO provide some proper ones. I did do a test to check how easier the provided ones were to grip as i had previously had some terrible ones. They are easy to rotate with the bed springs at a suitable tension so I opted to use the LDO provided ones. Go slow when fitting the magnetic sheet and do it like you would a screen protector. Start at one corner and work your way across. make sure you push out any bubbles with a thin flexible thing like a credit card or similar. I also opted to use a drill bit to cut out small holes where the bols go to give me access to them should I need it in the future.

At this point I realised that I had forgotten to install the two heat set inserts on the side of the Z axis bracket. Thankfully there was access space to do so without having to dissassemble anything. The bed bolts straight onto the Z axis and feeding the wires through the cable chain before clipping it in place was straight forward. I realised I had to remove a few links therefore I had to to that step twice. At this point it was really starting to look like a 3d printer!

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