Tutorial: Orbiter filament runout sensors on RatOS

I’ve been a big fan of the Orbiter extruders (Massive shout out to Róbert Lőrincz for all his orbiter projects) for quite a while and I decided it was time to add filament runout sensors to all my printers. Quite frankly I was done with babysitting the end of a roll. The sensor is reallyContinue reading “Tutorial: Orbiter filament runout sensors on RatOS”

Tutorial: BTT Manta M4P + CB1 installation guide for Voron 0.1

Hi guys, today I’m going to take you through the process of setting up your Voron 0.1 using a BTT Manta M4P and CB1 board. The Manta is a hybrid board with mounting point available for a Raspberry Pi compute module or BTTs own CB1 drop in replacement. This reduces wiring plus given the currentContinue reading “Tutorial: BTT Manta M4P + CB1 installation guide for Voron 0.1”

Mellow FLY Gemini V2 installation guide for Voron 0.1

Hi guys, today I’m going to take you through the process of setting up your Voron 0.1 using a Mellow Fly Gemini V2 board. The Gemini is a hybrid board combining a single board computer (SBC) equivalent to a Raspberry Pi into the same printed circuit board as the printer controller. This reduces wiring andContinue reading “Mellow FLY Gemini V2 installation guide for Voron 0.1”

Klicky release for EVA3 and EVA2 on the VCore3

Intro What is a Klicky probe? Why do I need one? How do I get one? Is there a mount available? Just some of the questions people ask when the words Klicky probe are mentioned on the Discord channels or Facebook groups for the RatRig printers. Well today I’m hopefully going to answer those questionsContinue reading “Klicky release for EVA3 and EVA2 on the VCore3”

V0 Electronics Bay Cooling – Fannypack Zero

I’m sure quite a lot of you, as owners of a Voron Zero, will have seen this message appear at some point in time. Now as it states it is a soft limit but there is a reason computer nerds spend a lot of money on good cooling setups for their rigs. Electronics work betterContinue reading “V0 Electronics Bay Cooling – Fannypack Zero”

Kirigami bed upgrade for Voron zero – installation guide

Intro Have you noticed how much the stock z axis assemble flexes on your Voron zero? Whilst this never really affected my prints, it drove me mad when levelling the bed. The same pressure on the bit of paper at the back of the bed felt very different from the front leading to levelling theContinue reading “Kirigami bed upgrade for Voron zero – installation guide”

Klicky probe officially released for VCore3

Myself, the original designer of the Klicky probe JLas1 and a group of Beta testers from the community have been hard at work getting the Klicky probe ready for general use on the VCore3. I have completed the documentation this week and the files + documentation can be found on the Klicky github repo here.Continue reading “Klicky probe officially released for VCore3”

Orbiter V2.0 on a Voron 0.1

Intro Recently I’ve had some horrible issues with inconsistent extrusion on my Voron 0.1. It all started after a hot end cooling fan failure and the subsequent rebuild of the mini afterburner. Anyway it was fortuitous timing in that I had just received an Orbiter V2.0 from LDO to review. That review will be comingContinue reading “Orbiter V2.0 on a Voron 0.1”

Fly Gemini Board: Adding a webcam stream

UPDATE: This method is now outdated. Install Crowsnest via KIAUH instead. Before I published my final review of the Fly Gemini board (Available from Aliexpress) I wanted to really check what the Core side was capable of (on paper it should be similar to a raspberry pi a) and typically my experience is that itContinue reading “Fly Gemini Board: Adding a webcam stream”

Fly Gemini (V1) Voron 0.1 install

WARNING: This guide is only for the V1 version of the board. Use the post on configuring the V2 for the Voron 0 if you need to configure a V2 board. The steps here will not work on the V2. Intro Have you heard there is going to be a mellow collaboration with formbot onContinue reading “Fly Gemini (V1) Voron 0.1 install”

V0.1 final review (LDO kit)

The Voron 0.1 is the latest iteration of the voron design teams smallest printer design offering. It features a corexy kinematic system, a 120mm cubed build volume and a fully enclosed design. The printer is capable of very high speeds in it’s stock configuration and specialises in materials that benefit from the enclosed design (ABSContinue reading “V0.1 final review (LDO kit)”

Ratrig VCore-3 cable support

Does your VCore-3 fail to stand to attention? Does its droop stop you performing? Well viagra probably isn’t the answer but my £5 cable support mod is! It’s a problem all of us that have built a VCore-3 are all too familiar with and the bigger variants suffer even more than the smaller ones. WhilstContinue reading “Ratrig VCore-3 cable support”

V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 9)

Today the Zero got it’s skirts and a serial number! I opted to print the skirts as one piece rather than in halves. To do this I did have to use my VCore 3 rather than the V0. They came out quite nice despite my ghetto enclosure (bubble wrap over the top of the printer)Continue reading “V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 9)”

V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 8)

Today the Zero took it’s first baby steps! After some quick testing of the axis and adjustment of the end stops I figured I’d fire off my first print. It was the classic Voron cal cube. Whilst it looked pretty good I soon got cracks forming due to printing a larger abs part in theContinue reading “V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 8)”

V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 7)

Day 7 is wiring day! I followed the voron design team advice, and put my trust in modern adhesives, and used the 3M tape to fix all the parts to the electronics panels (bottom + back). The tape provided by LDO seems genuine, I certainly had no doubt in it’s holding strength. It’s worth mentioningContinue reading “V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 7)”

V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 6)

Day 6 begun with attaching the end stops. Pretty straight forward if a bit fiddly! Then things got interesting. The mini afterburner really is an amazing design achievement. There is a crazy amount of functionality packed into a tiny footprint but at a cost of being very fiddly to assembly. Adding the heatset inserts wasContinue reading “V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 6)”

V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 5)

I need to start this writeup with an apology for the delay. I got a bit carried away with the build and the writeups have fallen quite far behind! I hope to get them finish over the next few days! Day 5 begun when my replacement XL square nuts arrived as they are required toContinue reading “V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 5)”

V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 4)

Today was just a quick session so this will be a short writeup. I assembled the X axis and the final parts of the frame! The X axis brackets and idlers were actually very fiddly. Both sides took me a minimum of 3 attempts to assemble them because when trying to do up the selfContinue reading “V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 4)”

V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 3 – Part 2)

This morning the build made some great progress during Day 3 – Part 1 and I’m very pleased to say that progress continued to be smooth this afternoon! Things kicked off with putting the inserts into the 3d printed parts. Something which I should probably have done in advance but was simply too eager toContinue reading “V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 3 – Part 2)”