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Libra Mini mod for EVA3

Continuing my EVA3 mod series, today I’m releasing a mod to enable the use of the Libra Mini from Mellow. No video this time just parts 🙂 Download the CAD here on Prusa Printables. Support me by buying your Libra via my affiliate link or by buying me a beer.

Sherpa Micro mod for EVA3

Continuing my EVA3 mod series, today I’m going to show you how quickly and easily you can modify the EVA3 platform to be able to use the Sherpa Micro using Fusion360. I decided to produce a short video for this one, I apologise for the quality but you have to start somewhere right? Download theContinue reading “Sherpa Micro mod for EVA3”

Sherpa mini mod for EVA3

Upon the release of EVA3 I couldn’t help but note the lack of support for the Sherpa Mini so I went ahead and created a mod to allow people to use it! Find it here A lot of credit needs to go to McAbra for making such an easily adaptable platform. This modification took meContinue reading “Sherpa mini mod for EVA3”

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