V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 4)

Today was just a quick session so this will be a short writeup. I assembled the X axis and the final parts of the frame!

The X axis brackets and idlers were actually very fiddly. Both sides took me a minimum of 3 attempts to assemble them because when trying to do up the self tapping screw I would accidentally lift the part causing the screw to drop out and one of the shims to slip off – requiring total disassembly to get it back on again! Maybe I was just tired who knows!

Assembling the X axis rail onto the extrusion was straight forward – the alignment tools and machined insert made it straight forward and simple. Attaching the X axis printed parts to the extrusion was a bit fiddly but at this point in the build I had gained quite good skills at positioning the square nuts in the right spot before sliding the printed part over the top. One neat little tip is pop a spare screw in the end stop hole to keep that nut in position while you get on with the rest of the build. I did this and it made attaching the X endstop really quick and easy because I know the nut had been held in place.

At this point the printer is looking really neat. (Yes I forgot to get photos of installing the remaining extrusions but I really couldn’t control my excitement!). The frame feels nice and stiff, all the axis move really smoothly despite only needing very minimal adjustments of the assembly during mounting the X axis to achieve it. I am actually dreading feeding the belts through the printing because I can already envisage it being seriously fiddly. That said the Voron design team really need some serious credit because the clearances and wasted space really does feel very minimal.

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