V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 6)

Day 6 begun with attaching the end stops. Pretty straight forward if a bit fiddly!

Then things got interesting. The mini afterburner really is an amazing design achievement. There is a crazy amount of functionality packed into a tiny footprint but at a cost of being very fiddly to assembly. Adding the heatset inserts was fine, as was getting the bearings and shaft sub-assemblies done. The instructions for installing the fans do show the correct order and wire orientation however it took me quite a while (and a few incorrect assembly attempts) to get it just right! Or so I thought. In later images you will notice that I had to swap out my gold front for a red one which came with my PIF parts. The fit was too tight on the fans and the hot end heat sink fan would not turn. Anyway the important part of the assembly process for the fans is ensuring that the fan wires run in the grooves behind the right hand fan or you won’t be able to fully seat it. The rest of the assemly is pretty straight forward except that the LDO provided spring is too long/stiff and as such you will need to chop a short section off. (Note if reading this in the future please do check first as LDO have said they are going to change the sourcing for this part to make it fit better)

All round on day 6 I felt like good progress was made and it was awesome to see the mini afterburner come together!

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