Remote printer access for Klipper – OctoEverywhere

Have you ever been half way through a long print and your social life gets in the way? Do you want to keep an eye on your printer while you are at work? Well it has been possible for a long time now but it required a pretty good level of IT understanding and awarenessContinue reading “Remote printer access for Klipper – OctoEverywhere”

Tutorial: FYSETC Cheetah Mix + M10 Klipper Install

The FYSETC Cheetah Mix is one of the new generation of printer controller boards which look to integrate the single board computer (SBC) and into the printer controller board. The rise in popularity of Klipper and the fact RRF has also moved to a SBC + MCU architecture has meant that a few of theseContinue reading “Tutorial: FYSETC Cheetah Mix + M10 Klipper Install”

Kirigami Bed by Funssor Review

Intro Have you noticed how much the stock z axis assemble flexes on your Voron zero? Whilst this never really affected my prints, it drove me mad when levelling the bed. The same pressure on the bit of paper at the back of the bed felt very different from the front leading to levelling theContinue reading “Kirigami Bed by Funssor Review”

FLY Gemini review

Intro With the huge popularity of Klipper (which mandates the need of a single board computer [SBC]) and Rep Rap Firmware (Transitioning towards the same architecture as Klipper), the need for sourcing an SBC alongside your printer controller board has become the norm. Currently, the world supply chain for the ever-popular Raspberry Pi series isContinue reading “FLY Gemini review”

Bargain filament: GST3D filament review

Intro So for the last few months my social media adverts have been filled with offers from a company I had never heard of. The company called GST3D are selling cheap no frills PLA filament with heavy discounts if buying in bulk. Their prices were so cheap I wrote them off as a scam untilContinue reading “Bargain filament: GST3D filament review”

V0.1 final review (LDO kit)

The Voron 0.1 is the latest iteration of the voron design teams smallest printer design offering. It features a corexy kinematic system, a 120mm cubed build volume and a fully enclosed design. The printer is capable of very high speeds in it’s stock configuration and specialises in materials that benefit from the enclosed design (ABSContinue reading “V0.1 final review (LDO kit)”

Triangle labs orbiter 1.5

When I started down the route of converting my custom built and badly aging coreXY into the RatRig VCore3 I aimed to re-use as much as possible from the original build. One of those parts was the extruder. I had a Mellow BMG wind which was giving me zero issues on the old printer andContinue reading “Triangle labs orbiter 1.5”

Mellow Super Infinity HV Control Board (Part 1- unboxing)

Today I am doing parts 1 of my review of the Mellow Super HV control board. It’s a 32 bit board with WiFi, 8 stepper driver slots and, the key new feature, the ability to use much higher voltage inputs for the stepper drivers. It is compatible with Marlin, RepRapFirmware and Klipper and has anContinue reading “Mellow Super Infinity HV Control Board (Part 1- unboxing)”