EVA3 perky cable mod

Edit – Updated model due to the original design being based off of a BETA part missing the cable tie slots.

EVA3 has just been released (check it out here!) and boy is it awesome. Being lucky enough to be part of the BETA team I’ve had a chance to tinker a bit with it over the last few weeks.

If you have followed my blog for a while you may remember my 3d printer blue pill, you know the one that gets your cables to stand to attention? (Read it here) Anyway with the release of EVA3 a new version of the cable support now exists to allow compatibility with it. Download the parts here!

If you aren’t upgrading then to summarise the solution is to add a small diameter spring steel wire into the cable loom. For visual effect you can also add some coloured split cable sleeving to match your build colours!


In all my tutortials and mods I try to provide a bill of materials to help you get started! They will always be the source I have used so can be trusted to work and if you buy them you help me keep producing content!

1m x 1mm dia spring steel / piano wire – Aliexpress
1m x split cable sleeve – Aliexpress

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