Dragon mount for EVA3

EVA3 has just been released (check it out here!) and boy is it awesome. Being lucky enough to be part of the BETA team I’ve had a chance to tinker a bit with it over the last few weeks.

One notable missing hotend from the release is the Dragon high flow due to copyright issues yada yada. Anyway as a user of this hotend I am releasing the an unofficial mount for it. Download it here!

This was tested with my Triangleabs version (purchased with my own money) which can be purchased by clicking the link below. It is an affiliate link and helps me keep on contributing to the community without costing you a penny!

The mount is untested currently however I have high confidence that it will work due to having a good quality model of the dragon hotend available to me and the minor differences from the official dragonfly mount.

The part is straightforward to print and compatible with the rest of the EVA3 parts.

UPDATE – test fit complete and we are good to go. I will also be releasing a tighter fit variant which will have a light press when between the bottom ring of the structural heat break and the printed mount. This should reduce any wobble of the extruder caused by the mounting point being quite far from the nozzle!

Update1: Updated to give a better fit around the structural heat break and better printability! Parts on printables updated with version pictured below.

Update2: Everyone asked for a hex insert version so I made one find it here

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3 thoughts on “Dragon mount for EVA3

    1. Unfortunately not yet – I have test fit the dragon hotend but haven’t got a spare extruder (also the ptfe length will be extruder specific). I should be able to give info on the orbiter combination in the next few days.


  1. First time building an Eva, and took me a while to realise that I need to drill out the screw holes ! Isn’t it worth mentioning anywhere ?


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