Kirigami Bed by Funssor Review


Have you noticed how much the stock z axis assemble flexes on your Voron zero? Whilst this never really affected my prints, it drove me mad when levelling the bed. The same pressure on the bit of paper at the back of the bed felt very different from the front leading to levelling the bed being generally much harder than it should be to get it perfect.

Thankfully christophmuellerorg had already developed a fantastic looking solution with a very wallet friendly price tag (at least compared to most things Voron). The Kirigami bed mod utilises a single laser cut sheet metal part which is bent to give it additional stiffness. Made of steel it should offer good improvements on bed stiffness as you have metal bolted directly to the z axis carriages rather than through printed parts.

Also well it looks ace!

DISCLAIMER: This part has been provided free of charge by Funssor for me to review. I will still aim to be impartial and notifying you that this was the case is part of my promise to you.



The part came packaged well and a nice touch is that it comes with everything you need in terms of inserts, bolts etc. for the assembly. The part looks great in nicely powder coated black colour to suite the most common frame colour black.


Unfortunately The bends on the copy I have received did not come perfect. They were out on multiple directions. Fortunately with some brute force it is possible to get them to align nicely. This is however quite dissapointing. The Images below show the CAD for what it should look like and the delivered product.

It took about 5 minutes and no special equipment to get the part aligned nicely (brute force and strong surface required). Here is a photo showing a test fit of the assembly. The powder coating is perfect and having assembled it into my printer (See my assembly guide here) the holes are all accurately sized and located.

The bed is noticeably stiffer by feel than the original extrusion based assembly. The print quality after completing this mod did not improve significantly however the stiffness really appreciated during the levelling process as I no longer witness any flex when using the paper test to check nozzle distance from the bed. This was quite an annoyance when using the original stock bed and worth the upgrade for me personally just to make that process less frustrating.

I can’t say that I achieved massive improvements in terms of print quality with the upgrade. There are still some layer specific artefacts in my prints but overall the quality is good.


The Kirigami bed from Funssor is a great component let down a little by quality control on the sheet metal bending. It was the only one I had seen which came powder coated at the point in time when it was sent however others are now available. If you want to save a few bucks vs local resellers and are willing to tweak the bends to get them spot on yourself then it is a worthwhile upgrade to purchase if not the best bang for your buck in terms of print quality improvement!

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