Functional print: Peugeot Boxer headlight dust cap

Today I finally got round to fixing the puddle of water sat in my campervan headlight. I took the whole unit off expecting to have to go hunting for a broken or cracked seal but to my surprise was greeted with the wide opening below. The fact the headlight was literally filling up to the brim inside made a lot more sense seeing this.

A quick Google search confirmed that there should in fact be a dust cover over both the openings. I could have bought one off ebay for £8 but well I have a 3D printer in the house and can’t resist the opportunity to use it for something other than 3d printer parts or benchies!

2 quick measurements and I know I need a cap to fit a 100mm opening that protruded around 15mm. Because I was printing in abs I added 1% to the diameter to accommodate the shrinkage and extruded the cap 10mm.

Just under an hour later I had the part in my hand ready for the test fit. The part was printed on my voron zero which is my go to prototype and quick development printer!

The part slipped on like a glove, tight enough not to fall off but I didn’t have to use brute force to get it on! I should note I was genuinely surprised with this because I don’t usually do many prints where features above 100mm need to fit into each other so I was expecting at least 1 additional iteration! Now ideally I would of done this print in TPU or another flexible material to allow the stretch to create a better seal but I did not have any available – if I have issues with this one long term I will consider going that route.

The part actually blends in very nicely with the rest of injection moulded assembly. A pointless achievement given that if it works no one will see it again for a long time!

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