Klicky release for EVA3 and EVA2 on the VCore3

Intro What is a Klicky probe? Why do I need one? How do I get one? Is there a mount available? Just some of the questions people ask when the words Klicky probe are mentioned on the Discord channels or Facebook groups for the RatRig printers. Well today I’m hopefully going to answer those questionsContinue reading “Klicky release for EVA3 and EVA2 on the VCore3”

V0 Electronics Bay Cooling – Fannypack Zero

I’m sure quite a lot of you, as owners of a Voron Zero, will have seen this message appear at some point in time. Now as it states it is a soft limit but there is a reason computer nerds spend a lot of money on good cooling setups for their rigs. Electronics work betterContinue reading “V0 Electronics Bay Cooling – Fannypack Zero”

Orbiter V2.0 on a Voron 0.1

Intro Recently I’ve had some horrible issues with inconsistent extrusion on my Voron 0.1. It all started after a hot end cooling fan failure and the subsequent rebuild of the mini afterburner. Anyway it was fortuitous timing in that I had just received an Orbiter V2.0 from LDO to review. That review will be comingContinue reading “Orbiter V2.0 on a Voron 0.1”

FLY Gemini review

Intro With the huge popularity of Klipper (which mandates the need of a single board computer [SBC]) and Rep Rap Firmware (Transitioning towards the same architecture as Klipper), the need for sourcing an SBC alongside your printer controller board has become the norm. Currently, the world supply chain for the ever-popular Raspberry Pi series isContinue reading “FLY Gemini review”

Fly Gemini Board: Adding a webcam stream

Before I published my final review of the Fly Gemini board (Available from Aliexpress) I wanted to really check what the Core side was capable of (on paper it should be similar to a raspberry pi a) and typically my experience is that it is the webcam support that lets down the less capable boards.Continue reading “Fly Gemini Board: Adding a webcam stream”

Fly Gemini Voron 0.1 install

Have you heard there is going to be a mellow collaboration with formbot on a voron 0.1 kit coming soon! In the pre-release pictures, you can see that the designated board will be the Fly Gemini. An all in one board that incorporates a single board computer (SBC) and the Microcontroller (MCU) into a singleContinue reading “Fly Gemini Voron 0.1 install”

Fly Gemini Klipper Mainsail install

Intro The FLY Gemini takes the Raspberry Pi and 3d printer controller board combo that is well known and loved by Klipper users and combines the functionality into a single efficiently sized board. Whilst it is compatible with both Klipper and RRF today I will be walking you through getting it set up to runContinue reading “Fly Gemini Klipper Mainsail install”