Tutorial: MKS Pi Klipper Install

The MKS Pi is Makerbase’s offering for users who can’t get hold of a Raspberry Pi but want to run Klipper! In terms of hardware, MKS PI has a powerful 4-core 64-bit SOC onboard, with 1GBytes of DDR3 memory, supports HDMI screen interface and PI-TS35 screen interface, provides Ethernet port, 3-channel USB interfaces (can beContinue reading “Tutorial: MKS Pi Klipper Install”

Tutorial: Running Klipper on a Windows PC (Using WSL)

If you happened upon this article or series of articles from some point in the future you may wonder why I and many others invested so much time into finding ‘things’ that could run Klipper. Well remember that COVID thing? At this point in time most of the world is past the national lock downContinue reading “Tutorial: Running Klipper on a Windows PC (Using WSL)”