Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 3

Today in Episode 3 of the series I am attempting to machine the Titan 5M part. I have had to shrink this part to fit into the 1.5 inch round bar stock that I had available but it retains all the key features of the larger official version. This part is interesting because the mostContinue reading “Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 3”

Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 2

Today in Episode 2 of the series I am attempting to machine the Titan 4M part. This part doesn’t really have any new types of feature compared to the 1M so I decided to really push the limits of the machine. In doing so I made a number of mistakes, I pushed the machine pastContinue reading “Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 2”

Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 1

Hi Guys today is the start of something a little different for me and this blog. Traditionally my focus has been on 3D printing or Additive based manufacturing. This series however will focus on the exact opposite, subtractive machining with a CNC mill. CNC Machining is one of the most used methods for production ofContinue reading “Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 1”