Tutorial: Orange Pi Zero Plus Klipper Install

The Orange Pi Zero Plus is one of many open source single board computers (SBC) that have sprouted up over the last few years due to Raspberry Pi popularity and in more recent time shortages. The Orange Pi Zero isn’t a direct clone of the Pi Zero as it uses a different form factor andContinue reading “Tutorial: Orange Pi Zero Plus Klipper Install”

Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 2

Today in Episode 2 of the series I am attempting to machine the Titan 4M part. This part doesn’t really have any new types of feature compared to the 1M so I decided to really push the limits of the machine. In doing so I made a number of mistakes, I pushed the machine pastContinue reading “Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 2”

Functional Print: GoPro mount for 2020 extrusion based CNC tables

In case you weren’t aware I’ve been filming a CNC series recently about the Millenium Mill (check out episode 1 here) and I worked out early on I needed a better mount for my GoPro than clamping a helmet mount to the CNC table! Anyway I had previously made a GoPro mount for some otherContinue reading “Functional Print: GoPro mount for 2020 extrusion based CNC tables”

Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 1

Hi Guys today is the start of something a little different for me and this blog. Traditionally my focus has been on 3D printing or Additive based manufacturing. This series however will focus on the exact opposite, subtractive machining with a CNC mill. CNC Machining is one of the most used methods for production ofContinue reading “Millenium Mill CNC Series: Episode 1”

Functional Print: End Mill Organiser

Intro I was on a 5S mission at work and our small desktop CNC mill had a box full of cluttered end mills. It was time to sort them neatly and a quick search found a neat little tray. I quickly printed this out and then realised that actually whilst it looked good it onlyContinue reading “Functional Print: End Mill Organiser”

Mellow FLY Gemini V2 installation guide for Voron 0.1

Hi guys, today I’m going to take you through the process of setting up your Voron 0.1 using a Mellow Fly Gemini V2 board. The Gemini is a hybrid board combining a single board computer (SBC) equivalent to a Raspberry Pi into the same printed circuit board as the printer controller. This reduces wiring andContinue reading “Mellow FLY Gemini V2 installation guide for Voron 0.1”

Big Print Series: 1:10 scale T-Rex

As a kid I always loved dinosaurs and like many others the T-Rex held a special place in my heart. I loved going to the Natural History museum or other such places and seeing the posed skeletons (real or not) on show! Now as an adult I have the means to produce my own andContinue reading “Big Print Series: 1:10 scale T-Rex”

Klicky release for EVA3 and EVA2 on the VCore3

Intro What is a Klicky probe? Why do I need one? How do I get one? Is there a mount available? Just some of the questions people ask when the words Klicky probe are mentioned on the Discord channels or Facebook groups for the RatRig printers. Well today I’m hopefully going to answer those questionsContinue reading “Klicky release for EVA3 and EVA2 on the VCore3”

Functional Print: Product photography stand

I received some feedback recently that suggested I work on improving the photo quality of printed parts I use in reference to print quality etc. It was a fair point and one that I hadn’t yet put much thought into. Thankfully someone else already solved the problem! Download the parts here! The only other thingsContinue reading “Functional Print: Product photography stand”

Sherpa Micro mod for EVA3

Continuing my EVA3 mod series, today I’m going to show you how quickly and easily you can modify the EVA3 platform to be able to use the Sherpa Micro using Fusion360. I decided to produce a short video for this one, I apologise for the quality but you have to start somewhere right? Download theContinue reading “Sherpa Micro mod for EVA3”

Functional Print: Adaptive controller for one handed PS4 control

A little while ago I saw a post on twitter from a gentleman named Caleb who runs the Controller Project. Since supporting nhs during covid by printing visors and ear savers my printer has been used for industrial prints (for my day job), printer parts and printing stuff for fun. It seemed like time toContinue reading “Functional Print: Adaptive controller for one handed PS4 control”

Functional Print: Grippy Doorstop

The other day I got fed up of tying to work out which door in the office was currently using the doorstop… Why we only have one doorstop is beyond me but here we are conveniently falling into another excuse to use the 3d printer to make something functional! Anyway A search using Yeggi quicklyContinue reading “Functional Print: Grippy Doorstop”

Functional Print: Soldering wire holder

This was a super quick CAD modelling and print exercise for one of my colleagues who wanted his soldering wire stored in a little tube because that is how he is used to using it. This is one of those instances where sure there are cheap commercially available products but in this instance the timeContinue reading “Functional Print: Soldering wire holder”

V0 Electronics Bay Cooling – Fannypack Zero

I’m sure quite a lot of you, as owners of a Voron Zero, will have seen this message appear at some point in time. Now as it states it is a soft limit but there is a reason computer nerds spend a lot of money on good cooling setups for their rigs. Electronics work betterContinue reading “V0 Electronics Bay Cooling – Fannypack Zero”

Functional print: Peugeot Boxer headlight dust cap

Today I finally got round to fixing the puddle of water sat in my campervan headlight. I took the whole unit off expecting to have to go hunting for a broken or cracked seal but to my surprise was greeted with the wide opening below. The fact the headlight was literally filling up to theContinue reading “Functional print: Peugeot Boxer headlight dust cap”