Functional Print: SD card + USB organiser

I have been doing a LOT of single board computer (SBC) installations of Klipper recently and quite frankly my pile of SD cards was becoming unmanageable. As always Printables was there to save the day.

Download the model here on Prusa Printables. Big thankyou to user MaOI who made this model. It’s sleek, simple and has capacity for lots of cards and sticks.

I printed the part in Esun Tough PLA (mostly because Amazon sent me it instead of ABS and I didn’t notice until it was too late to return it). I used 3 walls, 3 top/bottom and 10% infill because the part doesn’t need to be strong.

I thought that the holes for the micro SD cards looked too narrow but the fit is perfect. They are held securely in place but slide in and out with ease. The SD card and USB sticks also fit well.

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