Functional Print: End Mill Organiser


I was on a 5S mission at work and our small desktop CNC mill had a box full of cluttered end mills. It was time to sort them neatly and a quick search found a neat little tray. I quickly printed this out and then realised that actually whilst it looked good it only catered for 70% of our end mills due to the slots being a bit narrow and there being no spaces for longer bits.

Anyway to solve this issue I hoped into fusion 360. It’s a simple model really so 5 minutes later I had what I wanted! This version features slot for longer end mills, a spot for the collet and of course the 5S label location!


  • Labels – Avery 3666-40
  • End mills – Pretty much all shapes and sizes available. I love the single flute ones for aluminium!


Download the stl from Printables

I chose to be a bit cheeky with my printing settings and opted for no solid top of bottom layer infill. This reduces print time and material usage as well as giving it a neat aesthetic which I really like! I printed this on my VCore3 but it should just fit on 210×210 sized printers like the Prusa and Ender3. Print time was about an hour and 10 minutes. Material doesn’t matter pick whatever suits you!

To achieve this go to your print settings tab and set the top and bottom solid layers to 0 and ensure the only one perimeter setting is turned off.

Finished Product

Once printed just add a label and load up the end mills! 5S compliant the boss will be happy!

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