MGN12H compatibility added to EVA3

So just the other day I found out that my replacement X axis rail for my VCore3 (I dropped all the bearings out of it during the rebuild! Rookie error I know. And yes I will be rebuilding it but a spare was a quicker fix) had been delivered with the H style carriage. This means the carriage is a bit longer and the hole spacing is not compatible with the standard EVA top part.

Anyway the worlds easiest MOD was completed in about 30 seconds. I simply moved the mounting holes for the carriage each outwards by 2.5mm and boom we have compatibility!

The part has been printed and tested fit on the rail. It doesn’t appear to have any compatibility issues just a slightly heavier assembly overall. I’ve also added the hex nut version for those who refuse to come to the dark side!

Download the mod here on Printables


4 x M3 inserts

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