Functional Print: Product photography stand

I received some feedback recently that suggested I work on improving the photo quality of printed parts I use in reference to print quality etc. It was a fair point and one that I hadn’t yet put much thought into. Thankfully someone else already solved the problem! Download the parts here! The only other things you need are some filament and a sheet of paper (A4 or A3 recommended)

The parts are fairly large but very easy to print. Lay them flat with the groove for the paper facing upwards. Strength isn’t particularly important but I opted for 4 walls, top and bottom layers and 40% infill because I want them to last a decent amount of time.

My filament of choice for this was GST3D white PLA+. Material choice isn’t important so go wild! I opted for white to match the backdrop colour I planned on using the most.

An hour and a half later (Got to love those VCore3 speeds!) and It was time to test it out. I set it up on my electronics bench, plonked an old cal cube down and took a picture with my phone. The results were great even without specific lighting you get a wonderful clean background.

Later on I decided to try with some lighting. I managed to get a nice dramatic looking photo of the photography setup hah! and also a bright nicer looking part photo. I still have plenty of learning to do with this setup but I can already tell it’s going to make a big difference!

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