Functional Print: Grippy Doorstop

The other day I got fed up of tying to work out which door in the office was currently using the doorstop… Why we only have one doorstop is beyond me but here we are conveniently falling into another excuse to use the 3d printer to make something functional! Anyway A search using Yeggi quickly resulted in a model that I liked the look of. The designer suggests printing it in TPU but I didn’t have any to hand so I went with recycled grey PETG from Filamentative.

The part prints super easily and doesn’t require any supports. Each one I printed took just over an hour.

And the final result ft. a door being held open! The part feels nice and robust and the grippy ridges do provide the grip needed to keep open quite a heavy door but are rounded enough for me not to be worried about damaging the carpet. If you are ever short of a doorstop then I’d high recommend this model!

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