V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 9)

Today the Zero got it’s skirts and a serial number!

I opted to print the skirts as one piece rather than in halves. To do this I did have to use my VCore 3 rather than the V0. They came out quite nice despite my ghetto enclosure (bubble wrap over the top of the printer) although that shouldn’t come as a big suprise seeing as all the accent parts were printed using the same method.

Here it is, all done. Cable management done. All extra parts done. First mod done! Also I re-printed the mini afterburner cowel in my chosen accent colour and the fit was perfect this time round. The V0 really does produce some beautiful prints out of the box.

To get a Voron serial you need to comply with the ruleset posted in their discord. As you can see they require wiring to be done to a reasonably neat standard and for all the dangerous bits to be enclosed out of harms way. And then the obvious bit which is that they need to see it printing.

Here was the video I submitted for the serial along with the image I took to show the wiring.

And after a few days I was gifted with a serial! After what seems like quite a long time (probably 6 months from pre-order to serial) I have officially secured my place in the voron ecosystem V0.1088 – Wasp . BRING ON THE MODS!

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