V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 8)

Today the Zero took it’s first baby steps! After some quick testing of the axis and adjustment of the end stops I figured I’d fire off my first print. It was the classic Voron cal cube. Whilst it looked pretty good I soon got cracks forming due to printing a larger abs part in the open air and the amount of cooling the default abs profile for the zero uses.

Therefore the logical next step was to produce the panel clips. To give the Zero credit where credit is due I was able to knock out the entire panel clip parts and the door handle in half a day.

As you can see here I got a bit over excited with the panels and assembled the whole thing without taking any good photos. I also took the opportunity at this stage to add in the slimline carry handle mod because I knew I’d be taking this printer around places for people to see/to work and back. I didn’t actually apply 3m tape to the inside of the panel clips due to them fitting well without it. The only place it was used was the bits on the door panel. The obvious elephant in the room as well is the red front cover of the mini afterburner but the good news as you can see is that the replacement is on it’s way! The eagle eyed viewers may have also noted the cracked handle at the back – Again I was pushing the limits with printing before I enclosed the printer. As you can see the replacements are ready and waiting in the bottom of the printer. I plan on doing two more writeups of the build series. One on calibration and one on the final finished product once these replacement parts have been installed.

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