V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 7)

Day 7 is wiring day! I followed the voron design team advice, and put my trust in modern adhesives, and used the 3M tape to fix all the parts to the electronics panels (bottom + back). The tape provided by LDO seems genuine, I certainly had no doubt in it’s holding strength.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that all of the wires in this kit come pre-crimped and cut to length (albeit slightly long in places). A really nice touch is that they are all labelled making wiring a much easier business.

LDO also provide some neat cable channels to organise and hide the wires. It took under 2 hours to complete the wiring, LDO have a specific wiring guide which it’s important to follow to match the components they supply and the wiring loom. Something which I am accustomed to taking much much longer to achieve. Honestly the wiring part of this kit is probably the biggest selling point for me going forwards and considering getting more LDO kits in the future.

Organising the wires around the mini afterburner is very fiddly but the little cable tie slots provide the needed locations for fixing the wiring.

Here you can see i’ve attached the sleeve. I am a big fan of this particular cable sleeve too because it unwraps along the full length meaning it’s easy to go back in and modify the cable bundle or add in an extra wire if required. I have not added in the PTFE guide tube yet because I was waiting for the full enclosure to cut it to length.

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