V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 3 – Part 1)

Day 3 of this build has been delayed multiple times due to work pressures and the fact I got food poisoning. But finally I have most of today to dedicate to progressing the build!

Firstly I removed the 2 vertical extrusions which it turns out are only there to help aligning the z rails and set to work just adding a tiny bit more depth to each of the tapped holes; Cleaning up the threads where the anodisation was making it difficult to do up the bolts. I already stripped one m3 bolt head and had to get it out with pliers. The last thing I want is to get stuck with that issue near the end of the build so as a precaution I ran a tap down all of them!

I also went round and added some m3 bolts into each of the nuts I had pre-placed so far. This just stops them sliding around and me losing them! It’s a real pain having to take stuff apart to put them back in (previous experience with extrusions based builds) so I decided I wouldn’t risk it!

Then came the real frame building steps. And with everything so neatly pre-drilled for the blind hole assembly this part went together wonderfully quick!

Oh and pro-tip DO NOT FORGET to add in your cable chain’s bottom link now because it’s impossible to do later!

A few more pre-place nuts and bolts added and the hey presto we have a little V0.1 taking shape! You can start to get a feel for the colour scheme and I am really digging it!

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