V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 2)

Day two of the build started off smoothly and I applied the newly purchased thread locker to some bolts and fixed the 3d printed z brackets onto the z rail carriages. Then I started placing the t nuts into the z axis gantry… The first nut fell out before I even got to trying to assemble the extrusions into the printed brackets on the rails. After a very frustrating hour of trying to overcome gravity and be able to do up the nuts in 3 different axis without any of them sliding out of place I took to the discord community for help.

I was recommended a print in place nut mod, however the one recommended was for standard hex shaped nuts not the square ones provided with the LDO kit. So 20 minutes in CAD and I had replicated their design but adapted for the square nuts. I chose to size the parts so that you push them into the extrusions until flush with the end and at that point the nut will be in the perfect place to receive the bolt.

20 minutes of print time and 3 days of real time (don’t you have it when life gets in the way of assembling your voron?) later the whole thing went together with insane ease. I feel like these little guys should be part of the pif provided parts because they are absolute life savers!

Not a huge amount of progress for this update but I have the whole of next weekend free and allocated to progressing the build so I hope to get all the way through the mechanicals very soon!

3 thoughts on “V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 2)

  1. Hey could you share the square nut STL? also would love to see a PR in Github to add that STL in there for other LDO surprises :))


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