V0.1 LDO kit build (Day 1)

It feels like eternity since I took the plunge and hit order on my Voron Zero (v0.1) kit from LDO. And on top of that it has sat unopened until today as it arrived just days before my wedding and honeymoon… If there is one way to annoy the wife to be I can guarantee deciding to build a 3d printer just before your wedding would have done it! So here I am finally getting started! I will be building this kit with half pif provided parts and half self printed parts because I wanted an accent colour they did not provide. I am hoping the accent parts are sufficient quality or i’ll have rogue red components dotted around the build!

Unboxing the kit is impressive. Everything is nearly labelled and grouped into individual boxes all of which have arrived undamaged externally. No obvious dents or water marks which is a good start on parts coming from china.

Upon pulling out the parts for the first few pages of the build manual you can see that the nuts & bolts are also nicely labelled and that this kit comes with the machined threaded bar instead of a printed insert! The extrusions also came individually packaged which is a bit overkill or ecofriendly but it does mean they are in immaculate condition – not a scratch or burr in sight!

Assembly of the Y and Z rails was straight forward. The rails themselves came out of the packet free of excess oil and running very smooth. I opted just to add a small amount of lithium grease and run with it as they didn’t appear to need any cleaning. Note move all the plastic stopped onto the holes one in from the end and you can leave them in place for the rest of the build preventing any accidental sliding off the end of the bearing carriages. The alignment tool sits nicely between the stopper and the end bolt hole.

Next up was the z axis gantry. Boy this thing is tiny and cute! First set of blind joints in the kit to be used and they line up lovely.

Building the Z axis portion of the frame was not quite so simple. This section of the build relies on the user to ensure perpendicularity and has quite a few blind joint assemblies. The instructions were a little confusing but close reading of them and some patience gets you there. I uncovered my first gripe with the kit here and that is the thread depth on the extrusions because the specified bolts for the blind holes require quite a lot of torque to reach full depth (self tapping the final 1-2mm). M3 bolts are awfully easy to strip the head on so this was quite akward – I will probably run a tap down all the remaining extrusions to increase the thread depth a touch to avoid this issue.

I had to stop at this point due to realising the LDO kit did not ship with threadlocker any more (Due to customs issues on the early batches) and couldn’t find any in my garage. Overall not bad progress for day 1 and it’s really nice to see the colour scheme starting to take shape. First impressions of the kit are good and I am really excited to continue the build!

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